GHUM 1087 George Brown College Interpersonal Communication Reflection Paper

topic in Successful Social Relationship Course (GHUM1087)

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Step 1. Read the following exchange among George Brown College students

“I just got my 500th friend on Facebook,” Javier said to his classmate, Christine.

Christine looked up from texting her friend, Laura, who sat on the other side of the room. “I have 150 friends,” Christine replied, “but I’ve only talk to about 20 of them.”

“What do you think of my Facebook page?” Javier asked, showing his tablet to Laura.

She glanced at the picture of him sitting on the hood of his Mustang, raising a bottle of beer. Then she shook her head and went back to texting.


Step 2. Answer the following two questions based on the above exchange, AND on your own experiences:

1. Is Javier and Christine and Laura’s idea of friendship typical or atypical, when you think of your own life?

2. What are a few specific challenges you’ve experienced using mediated communication to maintain friendships and relationships?

Step 3. Conduct the required research using our library databases, following ALL the directions provided below:

3. a) FIND and READ TWO (2) ARTICLES: Using the library’s databases, find TWO strong (reputable) resources (e.g. newspaper/magazine article or peer-reviewed journal)

– one that shows mediated communication has improved interpersonal communication and

– another that shows it has worsened interpersonal communication.

PROVIDE BIBLIOGRAPHIC INFORMATION for BOTH articles (not just a link, please use proper format for both articles – either APA or MLA). Also use in-text citation as needed.

3 b) CHOOSE ONE ARTICLE AND WRITE A PARAGRAPH TO SUMMARIZE IT …to answer the question of whether mediated communication (e.g., social media, texting, etc.) has had a mainly positive or negative effect on relationships in our culture. This must be presented in your own words – you are not to copy and paste any sections of the article word for word. This assignment is being checked for plagiarism. (Any word for word copied text must 1) be cited in-text and 2) constitute LESS THAN 10% of your answer.)

For articles choices here is George Brown’s College library data base link:

Additional Notes:

  • Your submission will be graded based on completeness, accuracy and professionalism. In other words, ensure that your submission meets the following criteria in order to earn full marks:
  • Appropriate length (1 page max), includes all required steps, answers all questions, follows all instructions
  • Free of spelling/grammar errors, Professional language used (no slang)
  • Well-written/well-articulated thoughts
  • Proper citation (use in-text citation as well, if using more than one source)
  • Deep insight (truly demonstrates an appreciation for what was learned)

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