Geotechnical Engineering S Brief Notes Justifying Your Action Decision And The Prior 2812347

The submission must be set out, on no more than one A4 page, as brief notes justifying your action/decision, and the priority order in which you would, as Site Manager, deal with Items 1 to 3. Internal students must verbally role-play the Site Manager (I shall role-play a member of site staff concerned in each incident) in class during the afternoon session in Week 8. External students are not expected to attend the role-play exercise, although you are welcome to attend and participate if available. This report is worth 10 % of the marks for this unit. Submissions are due by 1630 (ACST) on the Thursday of Week 8 (see Document Preview:

ENG464 Geotechnical Engineering Assignment 3 The Site Manager’s in-tray This exercise involves the prioritisation of three typical items landing in the Site Manager’s in-tray on a Monday morning. Item 1 Site photo. Fri. 1 July 2016 Unsafe trial-pitting (again!) Site memo. #0006 From: Tam McEwan To: Site Mgr Date: 4 July 2016 Re. unsafe working Boss, The site investigation sub-contractor’s at it again. We have warned these cowboys twice now. Photo attached… ENG 464 Assignment 3 1Item 2 Boss, The neighbours are complaining about the mud all over the pavement and their driveways during trenching and cabling works down Bellhouse Drive. As you can see, it’s a bit of a mess… Please advise. Cheers, Jimmy ENG 464 Assignment 3 2Item 3 Mon. 4/7/16 Boss This fellow’s crew (see photo attached) have not been inducted, no hi-viz, no hard hat, nothing – they just turned up for the pile testing over the weekend and JK security let them in! Want me to boot them off site, or are you OK to sort it out? Catch you back at Head Office for the monthly meeting this arvo, Jen (Total marks 25) ENG 464 Assignment 3 3



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