Geomorphology Using Hydrologic Modeling Whitebox Gis I Have Attached The 2610573

.I have assignment on geomorphology using hydrologic modeling whitebox,gis.
I have attached the instructions .but it step by step if tutors expert in this field he or she finished in hour will not need these steps. I would like to answer the question that have infile
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GEOS 4053/5253: Geomorphology Spring 2018, Dr. Marshall Computer Lab: Introduction to Hillslope Hydrologic Modeling This lab gives you a chance to become familiar with digital elevation models (DEMs) of varying resolution and perform first-order hydrologic calculations to explore hillslope hydrologic response. General Notes • Feel free to work with others, and discuss your work openly. • Each student will hand in his/her individual written work (answers to questions, etc.), but consultation on what needs to be done to produce the results–and thoughts about those results–can be derived collaboratively. That being said, each student will need to generate their own graphics and plots – being comfortable with manipulating new software that may be slightly different from a familiar tool is an acquired skill set. • In this handout, places where you need to enter answers are bolded and numbered. The document you turn in need only include a numbered list of your responses as well as associated plots and calculations. Clearly label plots or figures included in your word processing document. • You’ll turn in the word document on blackboard for grading using course document tab and assignment function. Step 1: Getting started. • Logon to a machine in the computer lab. You can also do the same tasks on your own personal computer. • The software can be found at this website: • Download the current version (which is a zip file) onto the desktop of your machine. You’ll then need to extract (i.e., uncompact) those files into a new directory on your desktop called “Whitebox”. For the program to work you will need the Java Runtime Environment on the computer too. The link to the software is on the Whitebox download page. To see if Java is on your computer go to Programs (86) or you can go to Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel to search for the virtual machine environment. Here you will also be…



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