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23O Laboratory ‘ Eleoenpresents good ItB’illts#^H5g??,o*evjdence of the erosjon of a caprockrarls, Nia[ar, NIAGARA ,tf (Fis;;; ;j:,r] FAIil: edse (caprock)of the fals is composel th”;;;r;t LockportMass wastage Dolostone. is “f I thedownslope The retreat,f movement th”;”il;l;},r” ‘;lof materials Earth ,o undercut_ting such of as mudstones solt, ,o”k, u-riJ,,r*, that sufporr,h” i”ir*. al.”uo*,common U ,”Dotostone. along steep ;*, Water slopes, cascadinj ,”;h;;;rl fr”_;;;; where of the rivers enrers fallscut the mtt ptunge -:r-) tnJu.,a-.;;; “r”ut”a pool witfr;;;;, illir-*ur,rr”force, the andrurbulenr water easjjy oi*,u ;r:T:’#l*,::”J:ff1 rr,,arton”r.’top”” wi th ‘i””, the “r”;;;;;Ilrt ero si can “,u”y,I on or .- also t},. occur rri”l ril” in the bed r,,r!_r””, the of a *uo riverltseil;;::t” :.= Dolostone *,collapses.” N’,;;;,il.,T#i:f;.lffHrie T” to Llnta ^ Lakerio (Figure stiorts11 Qle .12). Th” g”;;; ;;;il il, ;gr.,- ,/ t 28′,seorogic evidence indicates )that the NiagaraRiver _-/ began ,r-::-, ,r;ry fl,irgrm Gorge)i: o-oo years ago ,s th” Lu.i”.,tide 3^ Ice sheetretreated from the ur”uu. Queenston ff”,”].”-riariea at theShale (Brown)shown , Iutu.: lscarpmenr o;;;” .6T.12 andreceded (metted a;.. back) north;”;;?; the basin Lake ofWhirloool Ontario. ISanddtoneq;il;;r{ilTff ff :;f””,,i:il:f It ,:,,,.:”‘present locatiol.”flsed on,f_,ir-glrd*”nologyand the rength orNiugu.u c;rg?,;;,fo]””*f3ll_’ re11ea1 i1&i;;.[,, ]uS’ur:Iut9 ‘,391 Name as manv yo, .rn ,nu, could causetf,” i4 falls to retieat at a faster l. – rate.30. f as many iName ,r. yo! ,the can s. jd that ,r,qrcou causel::l:* falls to retieat _ *o.” ,t6*ty. LockpoftDolosione(Green)South toLake ErieNorth toLake OntarioNiagara…



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