genetics lab-Restriction mapping of Bacillus phage X174

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answer and complete all lab question-

The total size of the Phage ΦX174 Virion DNA is 5386 bp. You have to print out the gel picture or should know how to measure electronically. Your steps should be:

  1. Measure the distance of individual DNA bands of the Maker from the well (loading side)
  2. Make a standard curve using size (base pairs) vs. the distances
  3. Measure the distance of individual bands of DNA (restriction digestion)
  4. Using the standard curve estimate the sizes of the DNA fragments in digestion lanes
  5. Once you have the sizes, then you can map the restriction sites. Remember that the total estimated size should be ~5386 bp.

Note: there is one problem using the standard curve. The higher bands in restriction digestion lanes are outside the standard curve. There is a fix for this. You can estimate the lower band (those fit in the standard curve), add them up and subtract it from the total size (5386), which will give you the size of the band that is outside the standard curve.

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