Gender Norms and Equity Powerpoint Presentation

Question Description

Make a powerpoint about the paper you wrote.

Your slides must contain the following:

  • Title Slide
  • Background Slide
    • This should introduce the topic and present what you’re specifically interested in understanding
  • Body Slides
    • These slides should give some thematic focus. You will give short summaries on the slides and lecture over them, going more in-depth to guide your audience
  • Hypotheses
    • Since you’ve read literature to help you understand your topic better, generate key hypotheses that you’d build from this literature.
    • This highlights your ability to apply the literature you’ve read abstractly
  • Conclusion Slide
    • A summative point and idea on what you’d want to expand the literature to
  • References Slide
    • Full citations for all references in APA format

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