GCN Baltes Principles Lifespan Perspective Age & Personality Discussion

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Select 2 prompt(s) from the list below for your initial response.

Please provide thorough and well-developed answers for your initial post. Be sure to support your postings with specific references to the assigned readings, as well as any other relevant scholarly research you find appropriate. Provide some examples from the required text and/or an external scholarly source. You may add information from your own experiences to complement the scholarly information presented. The best initial posts are a combination of personal experience with academic support.


  1. Discuss each of Baltes’ principles of the lifespan perspective. Include details regarding the three contextual influences. (USLO 1.1). Which perspective do you agree with the most and why?
  2. Define and describe the four conceptions of age. (USLO 1.2).
  3. Discuss in detail three of the factors that influence individual differences (heredity, environment, socioeconomic status, culture, historic content). (USLO 1.3). Which factor or factors do you think influences personality the most?
  4. Describe in detail one of the following theories on development: Psychoanalytic (Freud & Erikson), Learning (Behaviorism & Social Learning), Cognitive (Piaget & Vygotsky), or Contextual (Bronfenbrenner). (USLO 1.4). Do you think the theories you selected are still completely relevant today? Why or why not?

75 words each selection

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