GB 519 UOPX Human Capital Mgt Approach to HRM in Contrast with Child Labor Discussion

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Case Project Part 1

Part 1 of the case, due in Unit 3, includes four elements: (1) creating the title page, (2) the abstract, (3) the APA-formatted Level 1 headings and Level 2 subheadings, and (4) a properly formatted preliminary reference list for a formal analysis paper.

The case project spans Unit 3, Unit 4, and Unit 5. For the case project, you are to conduct research and complete an analysis of a manufacturing company. A list of 30 manufacturing organizations has been compiled from which you are to choose your organization for analysis. (Rubric Attached Below)

Case Project Part 2

GB519-2: Evaluate leadership approaches to the process of decision-making.

Part 2 of the case project, due in Unit 4, builds on the work completed in Unit 3. The title page, abstract, outline, and preliminary reference list completed in Unit 3 will be the foundation for the continued effort in Unit 4.

For the case project Part 2, you are to conduct research and complete an analysis of the manufacturing company you selected. (Rubric Attached Below)

Case Project Part 3

GB519-3: Examine global interconnectedness as it applies to managerial accounting and decision-making.

PC-3.2: Interact with others in a professional manner using appropriate communication and presentation skills.

The third and final part of the case project is due at the end of Unit 5. You will create a PowerPoint presentation with voiceover. The voiceover will be the narrative you would be presenting if this were a live presentation. You will, in essence, be making a presentation to your colleagues and instructor based primarily on your Unit 4 Case Paper.

Your Unit 4 Case Study Part 2 will be the beginning point for your PowerPoint presentation. Begin with a brief introduction on the introductory slide. Then, using your Unit 4 case study assignment as the basis, build a PowerPoint presentation that discusses all required components of the analysis of your selected manufacturing organization.(Rubric Attached Below)

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