G145/FIL2000 Film Appreciation

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Now that you have chosen a director and written your thesis statements, it’s time to search for evidence to support your thesis. Though most of your evidence will come from examples from the director’s movies, you will also need to research literary criticism or reviews/critiques from credible sources about the director, their films, and career.

For this assignment, you will list sources you plan to cite for your final paper.

  • Provide 3 to 6 films by the director that support your thesis. Write a 100 to125-word paragraph on how each film will support your topic and provide evidence for your thesis. Keep in mind that you’re not retelling the films’ plots, rather you are citing examples through shots, scenes, and clips that support your overall thesis and topic.
  • Provide a minimum of 3 articles of criticism that support your thesis and topic. Articles of criticism are any evaluation, analysis, description, or interpretation of the films. (You can look for these articles in the Rasmussen Online Library; however, there are also links to databases in the Additional Materials section to help with your search.) Write a 100 to 125-word paragraph on how these articles will support your thesis and topic.

Steps to cite a film:

  1. Start with the title in italics followed by a period.
  2. After the movie title, add the words “Directed by” followed by the director’s name and a comma.
  3. List the production company, studio, or distributor followed by a comma.
  4. Write the year the movie was released followed by a period.
  5. Finally, complete the citation with the medium of the movie, which is generally “Film.” Though in some cases, it may be DVD, Streaming, or other formats of distribution. Add a period at the end.

Your citation should look like this:
Black Panther. Directed by Ryan Kyle Coogler, Marvel Studios, 2018. Film.

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