G123/ECO1000 Section 04 Principles of Economics

For this discussion, you will be looking at different economic indicators from another country. To find data for the country you select, use World Fact Book or Trading Economics, which are online data sources you can access. Do not use Investopedia or Wikipedia for source information due to credibility challenges. For your initial post, select a country and answer the following questions. In your reply post, discuss how a peer’s chosen country relates to the one you selected. Please be supportive and encouraging in your posts. Requirements: 2 paragraphs for initial post and 1 paragraph for reply post What are the country’s top five exports and imports? What are the country’s top trading partners for both exporting and importing? Describe at least five key economic indicators for the country and identify the significance of each key economic indicator. Does the country’s domestic residents/households have a higher or lower standard of living than the U.S. and why?

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