FSU Social Work Politics Development & Enactment of Social Policies Discussion

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1. Politics is a driving force behind the development and enactment of social policies. Share your impressions of the role that social workers have played historically in political administrations that have shaped policies. Which historical social work leader were you impressed by and why?

2. Discuss what policy issue you believe will be the most significant deciding factor for the upcoming presidential election.

3. Considering the current political and ideological polarization in America, read the attached article written by 2 FSU students during the time of the last presidential election and published in the Tampa Bay Times. Share your views and impressions of the article.

4. Enjoy the following video on kids and politics. Discuss where you believe most kids develop their views and understanding of politics and social policy.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AquJ0ICKimU

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