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Research a foreign country that appeals to you. Then select a second career to research. When selecting this country consider the following for the career you selected: Career Opportunities, Earning Potential, Population, Infrastructure, Cultural Differences, as well as the Social and Political Environment. In addition, take into consideration your personality type, preferred working conditions, importance of status and income potential, and any other criteria that would narrow your choices. You may want to select a country that offers careers similar to the one you selected for your first career search assignment (however, you may not use the same career).

There are several ways to conduct this type of search. Here are some websites that may prove helpful.







You could “Google” or another search engine as well.

Your research should again, answer at minimum the following questions:

What is the educational level necessary to succeed in this career?

What is the lowest and highest salary level I can expect?

What are some entry level positions and how high can I hope to advance?

What types of skills, personality traits, and aptitudes are key to these positions?

You may have other questions you wish to answer also. After you have completed your research you should write a short report (approx. 2 pages) explaining how you went about conducting your research, what methods you used to find your answers, and give a detailed explanation of what kind of working conditions you can expect in your chosen career for this country.

Your report should be at least two pages, submitted as a Word Document, (12pt. font, double space).

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