Foreign Direct Investments

It’s a complete dissertation about the FDI in post communist european countries. That’s my second master degree, so I have already written one for the southern-east region of the ex-communistic Europe. So is should be on the same issue a total different dissertation now. I have in mind the Baltic countries, Poland, Czech Republic or Slovakia. So more northern-east Europe. The research method should be qualitative. Which means QCA. What kind exactly of the QCA methods available, is negotiable. I wouldn’t like a “crisp set QCA”. The multi level QCA would be fine. The style of writing should be the ATA style. I already fulfilled my first Masters Degree on that subject, so I am a bit demanding, because it is a well known subject for me. I just don’t have the time right now to write it, because I’m on a research program, which consumes all my time.

Prof. Angela


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