For This Question Before You Start Recording Your Tasks Do The Following Edit A Text 1224306

For this question, before you start recording your tasksdo the following:

Edit a text file “myAliases” to contain the following aliasdefinitions:

  1. an alias named “bye” which terminates your Unix session.
  2. an alias named “longList” which accepts one or morefiles/directories and list them in long format.
  3. an alias named “rm” that will prompt once before removing morethan three files, or when removing recursively.

To activate your aliases, run: “source myAliases”. Test your newaliases.
Once your aliases work properly, start a new terminal window tostart recording your session. At the end take a screenshot.
Make the terminal window large enough to show your work.

Now perform the following tasks:

  1. display the contents of the file “myAliases”.
  2. run: source myAliases   
  3. run: touch xyz1 xyz2 xyz3 xyz4
  4. Type the following command to test your alias “longList”:
    longList xyz[1-4]
  5. run: echo “date” > xyz1
  6. Type the following command to test your alias “rm”:
    rm xyz?

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