For This Project You Will Use The Msp430 Microcontroller The Traffic Lights Applicat 2846785

For this project you will use the MSP430 microcontroller the “Traffic Lights” application in section 14.6 (p. 360) of your textbook. The code must be done using C and/or Assembly. You will be able to checkout a project kit that includes mobile instrumentation hardware, a breadboard, along with the needed circuit components and wires, but you may use as a many other extra parts as you desire as well.

Below are the major project requirements:

  1. Implement Traffic Lights Application shown in Section 14.6.
  2. Utilize the Analog Discovery hardware and software (Virtual Static I/O Components) during the development phase of your project
  3. Utilize interrupt servicing to react the push-button switch.
  4. Complete the project using C and/or Assembly only.
  5. You are NOT required to use hardware timers and low-power mode as mention in the application description, You may simply use software loops to create timing delays.



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