For This Module Listening To The Following Podcast Then Do The Following Tasks P

For this module listening to the following podcast then do the following tasks 

Play media comment.

Task 1 – Read pages 7-9 covering Aristotle Ethics

Task 2 – Pick two cases in Chapter 2 and discuss what virtues the ethical decision makers need to consider in making their decisions. Show you understand a range of virtues*** and how the are applied in the situation of the cases.

Task 3 – Think about the Communication Major and what careers people will have after they graduate. What are 5 virtues that will have to be developed and practiced in a Comm Major’s career? Explain your choices. 

Task 4 – Explain in your own words what the “golden mean” is. Discuss the impact of the extremes.

Task 5 – Read the following webpage: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Find a quote that interests you from the site. What do you think that quote means today? Apply that quote to one of the professional situations you discussed for Task 3.

***Yes I am letting you look at a wiki page…not scholarly I know. List of virtues

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