For This Lab You Are Required To Create A C Program Which Works With Command Line Ar 2143470

For this lab, you are required to create a C program which works with command line arguments.Your program will introduce you to the use of C structures through the time structure called tm.You will also be required to use a system library calls time() to get the current system time aswell as ctime() for formatting output.Use the man pages for ctime() to get information on both the function as well as the tm structure.If you are prompted, use the “3” pages in man using “man 3 ctime” at the system prompt. Youshould also use simple printf functions to format the output as required.Write a C program to accept command line parameters. The valid parameters your program willrecognize are listed here with their expected output time formatting:-C use the ctime() function to print out the current time.-Y print the current date out in YYYY-MM-DD format (e.g. 2016-02-02)-t print out the current time of day (hh:mm:ss) e.g. 15:32:02-f print out the full time as day-of-week dd-mm-yyyy hh:mm:ss (without using ctime())The program must accept any of a possible number of arguments in any order. Precede eachoutput with a description string of your choice. Something like C=>”The current time is: ” orf=>”The full time format is: ” would be appropriate. Your code should parse all valid inputs andreturn the time in the corresponding format. All invalid input parameters should be identified andan appropriate message should be displayed.You may assume that all of the command line parameters are entered as a single string (exampleA below). If you are adventurous, you can write your code to accept the command line options asindividual parameters as well (example B). you are not required to use the getopt() function but itmay simplify your code.e.g (a) ./lab2 -Cfor equivalently e.g. (b) ./lab2 -C -f -w or ./lab2 -Cf -t -X -y -zIt is important to use modular programming techniques (i.e. functions) as the code from this labmay be used in upcoming labs.For this assignment, compile the program withgcc –o lab2 lab2.cSample Run1: ./lab2 –YzfThe current date is: 2016-02-02unrecognized option on command line: zThe full time format is: Tuesday 02-02-2016 17:15:37Your code should also respond properly when no command line parameters are entered:Sample Run2: ./lab2 No arguments called

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