For This Discussion You Will Create A Design Testing Differences In Productivity Bet 1206858

For this discussion, you will create a design, testing differences in productivity between two business units. Creativity will be your independent variable. You are also being asked to recommend samples sizes for the two units. Following are some parameters:

  • The null hypothesis is that there is no difference between the mean creativity score for two business units as measured with an interval level creativity instrument, which costs 200 dollars for each participant and takes 1 hour to administer.
  • The assumption is that there are no values from prior research for this type of business organization. Often in research, you will not have the luxury of knowing the existing population means or the variance in those means before conducting the research.
  • A brief pilot showed that that Business Unit 1 had a mean of 55 and a standard deviation of 14. Business Unit 2 had a mean value of 60 with a standard deviation of 24.
  • A difference of 7 points in the business units will be practically significant for the organization. As such, certain projects will go to the more creative group. For this business research, assume that a medium effect size is appropriate. In fact, the sponsor of the research does not wish to waste resources in using any more participants than necessary to find a significant effect in the difference in the creativity of the two groups.

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