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Have you subscribed to a newspaper or magazine? When you are in a waiting room with magazines, which magazines are you likely to read? Are you likely to stay in bed on Sunday and read the newspaper? Most of us have a favorite magazine or newspaper, even if we aren’t a subscriber. In this assignment, you will take a deep look into the history of your favorite publication. 
Select your favorite newspaper or magazine and research its history for this assignment.
Write a 500-word summary of the history of your selected publication and the evolution of that type of media.
Address the following questions in your summary:
When was the publication first published?
Who founded the publication and where was it first published?
Who was the original intended audience?
How has the content (e.g., photos, articles, advertisements) changed over time?
What impact, if any, has the publication had on American culture?
What are your predictions for how the publication will survive or advance in the future? Provide examples.
Cite at least 1 source to support your assignment.

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