Florida National University Standardized Financial Statements Worksheet

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In addition to reading the Chapter and looking at the Power Points, you should go to www.youtube.com and watch Ronald Moy Financial Statement Analysis videos. There are 14 videos running just a few minutes each. I strongly recommend that you watch all of they with special attention to the one on Common sized financial statements and the three on Radio Analysis.


You should complete the following exercises IN EXCEL AND IN PROPER FORMAT from the Questions and Problems starting on page 87 of your textbook.

1 to 10

15 to 17

19 to 21.

Send me only ONE file with a different spreadsheet for each exercise.

If you need a refresher in excel you can refer to the appropriate www.youtube.com videos in the Excel video tutorial attachment

Your must type the following at the end of each assignment.

I (type your name) certify that the work in this assignment is entirely my own and I have not copied, paraphrased any part of the assignment from any other source expect as indicated below, (insert date)


Prof. Angela


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