Florida International University Bottle Cap Case Initial Capability Paper

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Be very detailed and elaborate on the explainations

C.1. Explain the purpose of a capability analysis and why you would want to run the analysis for

this case.

C.2. Paste the initial capability analysis here – both Sixpack and Process Capability Report.

C3. Discuss assumptions required to perform a capability analysis and explain whether the assumptions have

been met or not. Discuss why capability analysis information may still be useful even if an assumption

had not been met.

C.4. Based on the results of the overall capability analysis, what is the capability of the current

process to hold the diameter? (discuss Cp, Cpu, Cpl and Cpk and describe what each tells about the


C.5. Assuming the process remains in its current state, what would you predict the percentages out

of specification (expected overall) to be in the future? Describe how these percentages relate to the


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