Fixing a draft written report and making a oral report and ppt.

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Everything should be in strict APA style.

For the written Report- Summarize the scientific claim, original research, and your critical analysis in an APA style written summary. Your report should be three to four type-written pages (750-1000 words), not including a title page or references. Be sure to use APA style. Refer to your textbook (Chapter 16 & Appendix D) and the references you found in Laboratory #1: Surfin’ Safari on how to write an effective report using APA style. Outline is attached below.

For the Oral Report- a critical analysis of the research report. In your presentation you will need to: (1) introduce the claim made in the article in the popular press, (2) describe (concisely) the design, method, results and main conclusion of the original research article, (3) discuss and critically evaluate the above aspects, and (4) discuss the validity of the claim in the popular press, in light of what you have said about the original research report.

For the Presentation- You must have at least one slide to display a table, figure or summarize the main results of the research we’re discussing. We should have a second slide to diagram the research design.

Attached is the source, that is Chewing Gum in pdf format.

File named gum.docx is the draft report which needs to be finalized.

Powerpoint is supposed to be made out of the source and refer the below information. Presentation grade sheet is also attached below.

“For our topic submission we would like to have our presentation over “Does chewing gum while studying help you retain memory better?” We have found a few articles from popular press along with the original research.



DiSalvo, D. (2012, May 22). Chew Yourself a Better Brain. Retrieved July 06, 2020, from

Original research and other articles:

Scholey, A., Haskell, C., Robertson, B., Kennedy, D., Milne, A., & Wetherell, M. (2009). Chewing gum alleviates negative mood and reduces cortisol during acute laboratory psychological stress. Physiology & behavior, 97(3-4), 304–312.

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