FIU Advertising Agency Executive Gateway Switching Agencies Case Study

Question Description

You are required to use the textbook for all case studies and extra credit, along with one additional scholarly article to assist you in validating your points being made.

  • For all written assignments, please make sure to use APA Style format for the title page, in-text citations, and reference page.
  • Please use the questions as headers for each page
  • You are expected to make connections to the text to validate your points made in your answers for each and every question in each case study. You can use the experts to support your points through APA style in-text citations (direct quotes or paraphrased). Please don’t simply use a direct quote to answer a question, rather you should explain its importance to your specific point being made.
  • Answer to the question MUST be exactly a page in length.

Question to be answered:

If you were an executive at an advertising agency and Gateway’s decided to switch agencies again, would you advise your account development team to pursue the company’s business? Why or why not?

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