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Questions from Readings Week 10. Interview Chapt. 8 Rabiger, Agnes Varda Interview, & Hurry Tomorrow Richard Cohen.

1. What are a few ways in how Rabiger in “Interviewing” asks us to access more personal moments from the subject? What does he say about the importance of listening?

2. How Did Agnes Varda work with constraints for her film Daguerreotypes

3. In Hurry Tomorrow, what were some challenges Richard Cohen faced with gaining access to both the institutions and the subjects?

4. What are some techniques Cohen used to allow his subjects to open up?

Questions for Films “Gleaners and I” and “Dark Days”

5. Both of these films engage with many subjects / characters. Please describe ways in which the filmmakers Marc Singer and Agnes Varda differ in how they approach working with the subjects in their films. Address how both films differ from each other in their unique approach to dealing with the underrepresented / disenfranchised.

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