Factors affecting Honeywell (Economic, Technological, Political-Legal, Sociocultural)

Explain how the following forces are currently affecting industries in which your strategic audit company competes: • Economic • Technological • Political-Legal • Sociocultural Please provide a 3 – 4 sentence explanation for each force, with at least one outside source properly cited and references for each to validate and support your answers. Note: This assignment is a portion of a larger Strategic Audit Report. No need for an introduction / conclusion. My strategic audit company is HONEYWELL INTERNATIONAL, INC.: The company specializes in the manufacturing of aerospace, automotive, building, and performance materials technologies as well as safety and productivity solutions. The company engineers and manufactures everything from heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning systems, to microelectronics, medical instruments, military and commercial avionics, and space systems. As a defense contractor, the company provides missile and bomb guidance systems, engine and environmental control systems for aircraft and spacecraft, and wheels and brakes for commercial and military aircraft, just to name a few.

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