Explain why organizations are concerned about consumer attitudes and buying behavior

QUESTION ONEAs a newly employed marketing manager of a medium size firm which deals in processing of fast consumer good s, your chief executive officer wants you to write an outline report thet explain:The impact of new technology on the traditional marketing mix practices (10 marksThe role of pricing in marketing function (10 marks)The value of marketing practice in the firm (10 marks)The conditions that favour market skimming pricing strategy (10marks)QUESTION TWOUsing a service organization of your own choice, explain how selling of its service is more challenging than selling of a good (10 marks)Briefly explain the term “variability challenges” in service marketing and demonstrate how you would effectively manage it (10 marks)QUSETION THREEOutline the circumstances that are likely to make an organization invest in new products to add on their existing product portfolio (10 marks)Identify and explain the various stages involved in the new product development planning process for a new service. Use examples to illustrate your answer (10 marks)QUESTION FOURWith reference to specific celebrities, discuss the factors that organizations should consider when choosing an appropriate celebrity to use advertise for its products (10 marks)Explain the benefits provided by intermediaries in the distribution channels of business to consumer markets (10 marks)QUESTION FIVEExplain why organizations are concerned about consumer attitudes and buying behavior(10 marks)A market segment can be effective or ineffective. Outline the criteria for gauging the effectiveness of a market segment(10 marks)

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