Explain Virtue Ethics And Specifically Aristotle S Doctrine Of The Mean Is There

What is Aristotle’s ‘doctrine of the mean.’ Explain his “value ethics”. Is there practical value to his theory (i.e. do you think it could be usefully applied to a person’s life)? Discuss with specific examples.

Write a short essay on ONE of the topics below. Be sure to address each part of the topic/question.  Your essay should be clearly organized and written in paragraph form.   The only sources you need to consult are our course readings (Blackboard reading materials, Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy , the Nagel textbook) , and other any relevant course materials.   For in- text citations, cite sources simply by identifying them (e.g. ‘Nagel, p. 14’ or ‘SEP’) .  No separate ‘References’ page is required for these  sources.   

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