Explain How The Shale Layer At The Base Of The Narrows In Zion Will Eventually Under 2873292

1.Free Open Textbook – Use Chapter 5


2. Critical Thinking/Independent Research

3. Instructional Video (link provided)

Refer to this short video. (http://goo.gl/a9x1H)

Refer to this short video. (http://goo.gl/a9x1H)
1.In addition to the river’s erosion, what other processes have widened the grand canyon?

2.Explain how the shale layer at the base of the narrows in Zion will eventually undermine the cliffs.

3. Define mass wasting.

Check out this story about the Oso landslide in Washington.


4. What had geologists nicknamed the hillside that collapsed, prior to the recent slide?

5. If the 1949 slide was so big, why weren’t any structures destroyed. (Think about it.)

6. If you were buying a home in a river valley, what details in the surrounding landscape would you look for to determine landslide risk?

7. In what ways does water affect slope stability?

8. What is the specific angle of repose for most stable slopes?

9. How does a forest fire cause mass wasting? Outside research required.

10. What is a specific cause of landslides where we live?

11. What are the causes in the Pacific Northwest?

12. Provide an example of slow subsidence. 13. Provide an example of fast subsidence.

14. What kind of slide occurred in Portuguese Bend, in Palos Verdes? (outside research required.)

Gros Ventre Rockslide
Refer to this video to answer the questions. (http://goo.gl/u5770)

15. How does clay respond to rain? 16. How did the lake kill people?

16. How did the lake kill people?

17. Here in southern California, we often develop relatively dry mountainous areas. To what kind of mass wasting does this make us vulnerable?

18.Comment on the differences in mass wasting for granite vs. soft sediment.



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