Explain How Each Of The Following Transactions Generates Two Entries A Credit And A 2841296

Explain how each of the following transactions generates two entries—a credit and a debit—in the Japanese balance of payments accounts, and describe how each entry would be classified:

  1. a.A Japanese investor buys a share of a Thailand stock company, paying by writ-

    ing a check on an account with a Singapore bank.

    1. A Japanese investor buys a share of a Thailand stock company,paying the seller

      with a check on a Japanese bank.

    2. The Malaysian government carries out an official foreign exchange intervention

      in which it uses Yen held in a Japanese bank to buy ringgit (Malaysian currency)

      from its citizens

    3. A tourist from Kyoto buys a meal at an expensive restaurant in Bangkok,

      paying with a traveler’s check.

    4. A sake´ brewery in Kobe contributes a case of sake´ bottles for a Paris wine-tasting


    5. A Japanese-owned factory in Germany uses local earnings to buy additional


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