Explain Briefly The Role Nonverbal Communication Plays In Communication Identify And 3878394

The assessment task asks you to produce a case study report of 1000 words
discussing how nonverbal communication skills can affect your speaking and
listening skills.
Students are to demonstrate their understanding of the relationship between
nonverbal communication and speaking and listening skills.
Content and Structure
The assignment should be 1000 words in length and written in a case study report
format. The following is a guide on the content and the structure that your assignment is
expected to cover:
? Outline the types of nonverbal communication, giving examples of each type.
? Explain briefly the role nonverbal communication plays in communication.
? Identify and discuss three aspects of nonverbal communication.
? Briefly describe the relationship between nonverbal communication and speaking
& listening skills.
? Discuss how nonverbal communication can affect speaking and listening skills.
? Use at least 5 credible sources to support your case study.
? Referencing: this is a list sources. Harvard Style Referencing is required.
*Remember you need to cite sources in-text, as well as the reference list.



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