Experiment 4 2 Difference Opamp Configuration Caution In You Will Build The Second B 3295957

Experiment 4.2 Difference Opamp Configuration CAUTION: In , you will build the second building block of the Experiment 9 Lightmeter bonus project. Please build the circuit near the Wheatstone bridge from Experiment 2 for case of connection in the future To AC Function ? Generator To DC Power_ out V2 R2 V. Figure 1.6: Dillerence Opamp Circuit Prelab Lot R-47O, decide value for R, so Ihal Vy L-20V/V. Plot the output response Vent with Vi 50 sin (2000p1) mV and ½ 0.2V. The plot must clearly show 3 to 5 cycles of the ()utput waveform



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