Expected Program And Design 1 Write A Pseudo Code Before Starting Your Program You M 2380926

Expected Program and Design:
1. Write a pseudo code before starting your program ( you may not use SWITCH, replace it with IF structures )
2. Identify your constants (no global constants are allowed )
3. Your input will come from a text file of at least 15 customers ( use input validation of files and values )
3.1 Input file format – customerType accountNumber premiumChannels
( i.e residential example: R12345 5 , business example B12345 16 8 )

3.11 Add employeeService account type “E” where employees have a processing fee of $4.50 and 20% discount off the residential basic service cost

3.2 Use enumeration type to identify customerTypes

3.3 Use at east 4 functions ( pass parameter by value and by reference)
4. Precision should be two decimal places
5. Calculate the running average for residential and business customer spending
6. Print all customer’s bill to a single file and the end of the file you should have the average summary for each customer type.

6.1 Ask the user if he/she also would like to print the bill one customer at a time to the screen.
7. Pay attention to details when you formatting your output

Note: Use all chapter concepts and make your final as a true representation of what we have learned this semester.



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