Excel Spreadsheet 1

the assignment is to use the excel format attached and make up an excel spreadsheet on what it would cost to start up an event planning business. 

I need you to read the instructions very carefully

I need you to research what it cost to start up an event planning business and put in the spreadsheet 

just research what supplies someone would need to start up a business and the costs

that is the assignment

I need that no later than tomorrow 

Instructions from Professor are below, the spreadsheet and some of his slides to help are attached

Take your Business Concept and expand it to include a similar proforma on your own fictitious business. This means more creativity on the one hand, perhaps less stress of figuring out the numbers on the other hand since they are in essence yours.

Attached are sections from a business plan for a fictitious business discussing the information needed for completing the business’ proformas. The proformas are included at the end of the document. Your task is to do your best to complete those proformas, as I have left much of the statements blank. This assignment is going to count as 20 points of your FINAL EXAM. In an attempt to help you I have already filled in portions of the statements. This was done in an attempt to reduce confusion, as the write-up does not include all the details necessary to complete the statements (some information was known by the writer but not conveyed in words here). You should be able to find all of the remaining numbers in the assumptions. I want you to complete Years 1 & 2 of the Income Statements and Balance Sheets. I have provided for you the completed Cash Flow Statements.

Do your best. You will primarily be graded on effort, not accuracy. Read through the portion of the business plan discussing the financing and use that and the numbers provided to fill out the financial statements. It may also be helpful for you to work through the statements in excel, which will make the calculations easier! 

I will primarily be grading on effort. If you read carefully through the assumptions and carefully review the layout of the statements you will recognize where the majority of the numbers belong.

Prof. Angela


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