EVS 111 Middlesex Community College Migration of Groundwater Pollution Lab

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Calculate the speed at which polluted groundwater travels from the Weapons Center using Darcy’s

Law, in which velocity (Q) is equal to a constant (in this case 100 feet/day) times the change in

water table elevation between two wells (Δh), divided by the distance between the wells (l).

a. Using Well Q1 in the path of the plume from the Weapons Center, subtract its water table

elevation from the water table elevation at the Weapons Center (show work):

Well Q

Δh = height at pollution source – height at polluted well

b. Measure and record the horizontal distance between the chosen well and the Weapons Center

(Map scale: 1 cm = 300 ft)

distance (l) = __________ cm on map = __________ ft on ground

c. Calculate groundwater velocity Q = 100 ft/day x Δh (in feet) / distance (l, in feet)

Show your work, including units

see attachment

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