Essay Revisions


·       Pick at least one paragraph from your essay and revise it to make it “perfect”

This may include grammar issues, but simply fixing grammar mistakes is not revision; that’s editing

To effectively revise your essay, start with the word “revise.” To revise is to “see again,” to revisit, to re-visualize, to re-imagine your essay (or paragraph, in this case). Revising may mean completely restructuring your essay/paragraph, adding whole chunks of analysis, or even removing troublesome passages that perhaps were off-topic or irrelevant.

·       In addition, add a paragraph (250 words) reflection explaining what you changed, why you changed it, and how you will avoid the same sorts of pitfalls in the future.  In other words, what skills or strategies have you developed as a result of completing your revision?

I suggest focusing on a close analysis of a specific facet of CRT, connecting that analysis to your analysis of Freedom Writers.

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