Essay Answers 8 15 Sentences 2 At 20 Points Each Choose One Of The Three Types O

Essay Answers (8-15 sentences)

(2 at 20 points each)

Choose one of the three types of theories about representation (formal, descriptive, and substantive) and argue that it best fits the “Ideal of Democracy”  (best articulates the ideal of government for the people by the people)

Discuss the similarities and the differences between the barriers that women face attempting to gain office and in entering the workplace. 

Discuss the different types of revolutionary movement’s relationships with gender.  (Marxist, Liberal, and Religious)  How do these different types of movements use gender and women’s involvement differently? What are the similarities? 

Choose one of the following concepts- sex, gender, or sexuality and explain how the concept is traditionally used and how gender scholars have critiqued and changed that definition. 

Running head: DEMOCRACY1 DemocracyStudent NameCourse NameMarch 2, 2016 DEMOCRACY2Democratic government concerns aggregate choice making. The most essential sorts of "formalpolitical…

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