ESP 171 Solutions to Land use Problems in Local Government Discussion

Question Description

Part I: Topic Description

Due: Wednesday, 8/26

Length: One paragraph, including: topic, outline of solutions, and 3 sources

Part II: Draft Paper:

Due: Wednesday, 9/2

Part III: White Paper:

Due: Tuesday, 9/8

Length: 5 pages (including tables), double-spaced, 12-point font, 1-inch margins

In the US, the term “white paper” is often applied to papers issued by non-governmental organizations and research institutes that are designed to educate decisionmakers and the public on key policy issues, to help them better understand both the nature of the problem and the range of potential solutions. In this assignment, you will write a 5-page (double-spaced) white paper about a local planning issue of your choice, and three options for addressing it.

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