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PLEASE FOLLOW ALL THE INSTRUCTIONS Context: When the written word first began, the only people who were allowed to publish anything were men. Since then world society has evolved tremendously. Keeping that in mind, we have read through short stories written by female authors of color throughout this summer session. For this assignment, you will be exploring the life and writings of other authors of color. Be sure to read through this entire document so you know exactly what the requirements are Your Assignment: For this research paper, you will research a female author of color Alice Walker and some of her works. Here are some questions for you to consider when writing this paper: o Who is this author? o What is her background? o Why did she begin writing? o What was society like for her when she began writing? o What are 4 pieces that you can discuss in this paper? o Why did she write those 4 pieces? o How did those pieces affect society? Parameters for assignment: Must be typed and follow standard MLA formatting o Must be at least 8-10 full pages o You must have at least 6 primary sources One in-text citations for every body paragraph Mix of direct quotes and summary/paraphraseo You must have a work cited page Requirements: 2100

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