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This is a 6-8 page, MLA formatted, thesis-driven essay in which you offer a critical reading of one of the texts we have read in this course. Your own point of view and original argument should drive the essay: you are joining a critical conversation about your chosen text, presenting your own “case” to the reader, and offering close reads of multiple sections of the text as supporting evidence. You also need to engage at least two scholarly secondary sources in your essay — what do major critics have to say about this text, and how are you thinking about their readings? How do they align with your own reading? Where do you depart? Beyond that, you need to make clear to the reader why your argument matters. Why should your reader care about this primary text and your argument about it? An effective version of this essay will present a clear, compelling central argument which the writer states at the beginning and develops throughout the piece. The writer should provide multiple pieces of supporting evidence from the primary text in the form of direct quotes and meaningful commentary on said quotes. The writer should avoid merely summarizing the scholarly sources by clearly demonstrating their relevance to the overall essay, evaluating the respective merits and drawbacks of their arguments, and indicating where they (the writer) aligns with and departs from those arguments. Global Concerns: Compelling argument about the primary text, evidence of due diligence in the research process, original and multiple close reads of the primary text, meaningful engagement with the secondary sources, logical structural flow. Local Concerns: MLA formatting (general formatting, Works Cited page, and in-text parenthetical citations), length, spelling, grammar, punctuation, and usage. Requirements: Contact me | .doc file

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