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Read chapter 5 (Personnel Planning and Recruiting) paying particular attention to pages 134-125 (Advertising) and pages 144-146 (Recruiting a more diverse workforce)Go online or to newspapers or magazines and find examples of Help Wanted ads that1. Should attract workers with families2. Should attract women3. Should attract minoritiesFind one example for category that is effective and one example for each that is ineffective. You should have a minimum of six ads total.If you get them from a newspaper, please photocopy the ad.Do not bring in the actual newspaper.If you get the ad online, download and print it out.For each ad, write a couple of sentences explaining why you think it is effective or ineffective and why it should appeal to the target group.PLEASE NOTE:The ads you are looking for are placed by companies wanting to hire workers. These are not ads from people looking for jobs. They are not product advertisements.If you are using foreign papers or online ads, please be very careful. This is a class in HR Mgmt. specifically in the United States. Other countries have much different criteria for what can and cannot be said in an ad, the types of positions that can be advertised etc. Consider what you learned about US employment law in chapter 2. Do not submit ads for such “jobs” as mail order brides, massage parlor workers, pole dancers, egg donors, etc.

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