Emma Is Ready To Open A New Checking Account And Is Trying To Decide Between Thr

Emma is ready to open a new checking account and is trying to decide between three banks using the chart below: Bank R Bank S Bank T No monthly fees if balance stays above $300, otherwise $7 per month No monthly fees if check card is used more than 6 times per month, otherwise $10 monthly fee $5 monthly fee No minimum balance $25 minimum balance No minimum balance Online banking services Online banking services No online banking options Non-Bank R ATM fee – $2.00 per transaction Non-Bank S ATM fee – $1.50 per transaction Non-Bank T ATM fee – $2.00 per transaction Emma usually has about $1000 in her account at any given time during the month. She usually visits the ATM twice a week and is interested in banking online options. Bank R has 10 ATMs within a 5 mile radius of Emma’s home. Bank S has 1 ATM 10 miles from Emma’s work. Which bank should she choose? a. Bank R b. Bank S c. Bank T d. Bank R and S

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