Embry Riddle Aeronautical University Robotic Independent Design Project

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his course requires you to prepare and submit an Independent Design Project demonstrating an understanding of robotic design processes, fundamentals, and interactions by designing a simple robot to utilize sensors, central processing, and locomotion/physical interaction.

This module week’s assignment is to prepare a 300-word overview of the project that identifies:

  • A perceived need (i.e., mission/use) that could be met through the use of a robotic system.
  • Why such a need exists and how a robotic system would be well suited to perform.
  • Operational domain of the mission (e.g., fixed-position, ground, aerial, water, or exo-planetary/space).
  • Subsystems and critical elements that you propose to include in your design, based on your review of similar systems, and a basic overview of their function (these can change, as your design evolves over the course).
  • At least five supporting reference citations (in current APA format).

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