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ELASTIC Collisionsm V1 1before + m V22before =m V1 1after + m V22after1. What defines a collision as being elastic?2. Simulate the four elastic collisions below. Complete the table using math formulas and the simulation.BEFORE COLLISIONAFTER COLLISIONm1m2PtotalSS2.0 kg2.0 kg1.5 m/sO kg.m/s2.5 kg5.0 kg-1.0 m/sO kg.m/sm3.0 kg6.0 kg2.0 m/s0.0 m/s6.0 kg2.0 m/s-1.0 m/s8.0 kg.m/s3. Two objects with the same mass move toward each other with the same speed and experience an elasticcollision. Compare the final velocities of each object to their initial velocities.A less-massive moving object has an elastic collision with a more-massive object that is not moving.Compare the initial velocity (speed and direction) of the less-massive object to its final velocity.Elasticity 0%InelasticElastic

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