EDSD 7075 WU Collaborative Work in Action Program Evaluation Discussion

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For this Assignment, you will conduct a program evaluation with key stakeholders in your school, district, or setting. Consider how you can use program evaluation data to promote continuous improvement.

To Prepare:

  • Review the Armadale Public School and Crosby Heights Public School Case Studies located in Module V of Fullan’s article “Motion Leadership: The Skinny on Becoming Change Savvy.” Pay attention to the 14 parameters used by the districts as they developed and implemented their plan of action.
  • Select a program or model identified in Module 1 for evaluation.
  • Meet with your identified team using the Agenda and PowerPoint you created. Identify strengths and weaknesses of your program.
  • Review the Action Plan Template forms found in the Learning Resources and research other models of action planning. Reflect on which action plan will meet the needs of the identified program.

Part 3: Collaboration to Create an Action Plan

Meet with your identified team and conduct a program evaluation using the ideas from the evaluation models you identified in Module 1. Create an Action Plan using at least two program needs you identified in your meeting. Please note that you will not create the full Action Plan, as this will take time and ongoing work with your team. Note: There are two sections for Part 3: writing a 2- to 3-page summary and creating an action plan.

Write 2- to 3-page summary of the meeting including the following:

  • Summarize the information discussed at the meeting and reference at least one idea from Fullan’s “Cultivating Collaborative Cultures” that you implemented during your collaboration with your team.
  • Explain at least two strengths and two areas of need for the program you discussed in your meeting.
  • Explain and outline how you will continue ongoing program evaluation
  • Provide an analysis of how environmental and program data will be shared with pertinent stakeholders. Describe how you will establish buy in across all levels? Reference at least one idea from Fullan’s “Cultivating Collaborative Cultures” that you will implement with the program staff members.

Create an action plan in a table format (Note: You can use the template provided in the Resources or create your own) that will address the following:

  • At least two program goals to address the two areas of need that were identified by the team during the team meeting.
  • Table headings should include the following headings (you may add additional headings as you see fit for your program): Program Goals, Action to Be Taken, Steps to Complete the Action, By When, By Whom, and Resources Needed to Complete the Action

**Attach your Action Plan Table as Appendix C.

Support you Assignment with specific references to all relevant, scholarly resources used in its preparation following APA guidelines. You are to provide a reference list for all resources, including those in the Resources for this course.

Learning Resources

Required Readings

Fullan, M., & Quinn, J. (2016). Coherence: The right drivers in action for schools, districts, and systems. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin.

  • Chapter 3, “Cultivating Collaborative Cultures” (pp. 47–76)

Florian, L. (Ed.). (2014). The SAGE handbook of special education (2nd ed.). London, England: Sage Publications Ltd.

  • Chapter 28, “Universal Design for Learning” (pp. 475–489)

Boylan, M. (2016). Deepening system leadership: Teachers leading from below. Educational Management Administration & Leadership, 44(1), 57-72. doi:10.1177/1741143213501314

McLeskey, J., Waldron, N. L., & Redd, L. (2014). A case study of a highly effective, inclusive elementary school. The Journal of Special Education,48(1), 59-70. doi:10.1177/0022466912440455

Kurth, J. A., Lyon, K. J., & Shogren, K. A. (2015). Supporting students with severe disabilities in inclusive schools: A descriptive account from schools implementing inclusive practices. Research and Practice for Persons with Severe Disabilities, DOI: 1540796915594160.

Fullan, M. (2010). Motion leadership: The skinny on becoming change savvy. Retrieved from http://michaelfullan.ca/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/11_TheSkinny_US.compressed.pdf

Document: Action Plan Template 1 (Word document)

Document: Action Plan Template 2 (Word document)

Required Media

Grand City Community

Laureate Education (Producer) (2016b). Mandate meeting [Video file]. Baltimore, MD: Author.

Go to the Grand City Community and click into Grand City High School. Review the following scenario: Mandate Meeting.

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