Edit The Following Sentences To Correct Faulty Parallelism1 Ari Helped By Painti


1. Ari helped by painting the fence,

trimming shrubs, mulching flowerbeds, and leaf raking.

2. Sebastian liked playing video games more than to watch television.

3. The computer salesperson promised not only that I would receive a rebate but also a free Ipod.

4. Rina was hired to stock merchandise, write orders for delivery, and sales of computers.

5. Michiko told the judge that she had been pulled out of a line of fast moving traffic and of her perfect driving record.

6. To administer the poison, the tribe’s sorcerers put it in their victims’ food, throw it into their huts, or it can be dropped into their mouths or nostrils while they sleep.

7. Sylvia loved swimming, canoeing, and to hike.

8. Julius realized that he was talented violinist but proper training and discipline would be the best foundation for a career as a musician.

9. Bill found that it was harder to be fair to himself than being fair to others.

10. At the arts and crafts table, the children make potholders, key rings, weave baskets, paint pictures, and assemble model cars.

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