ED 601 Concordia University Descriptive Statistics Questions

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Descriptive Statistics

Read Chapter 6: The Group and the Individuals (descriptive statistics) (Brown,
1998) and complete the application activity on page 74. Please submit
your answers by making a list of the questions with the corresponding
answers written in complete sentences. Include explanations for your
answers for each question and submit as an attachment to the Assignment

For example, if a question asks you which group is smaller, you might answer like this:

The smaller group was the 4th grade students. The table indicates
that this group had a sample population of N=20 whereas the 3rd grade
students had a sample population of n = 100. The 3rd grade group is 5
times larger than the 4th grade group.

Careful attention to detail in this assignment will be critical to
your success. When in doubt, clarify your thinking with your instructor.


Brown, J. D. (1998). The group and the individuals. Understanding research in second language learning: A teacher’s guide to statistics and research design (pp. 63-74). New York, NY: Cambridge University Press.

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