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Instructions:write a 2 page review/abstract/summary on an article from a peerreviewed scholarly journal.  1. Use the online catalog to locate a journal article. The article you chose should have performed some statistical analysis of gathered data and made an inference using something other than just the average (mean). That is, they can’t just talk about averages; they must have used one of these tests: t-test, chi-square, F-test, Fischer test, ANOVA, MANOVA, ANCOVA, Mann-Whitney, correlation, regression.2. Read the article thoroughly.3. Write a 2-page summary about the article following the given guidelines.Guidelines:1. Your review should include:a. The question/problem being researched by the author b. The experiment that will answer the questionc. How they collected data d. Analysis of the data (Must identify the statistical test used)e. Their conclusion or findings2. double spaced in at least 11 pt font.3. You should make a bibliography to list the article you chose and practice APA format. NOTE: The APA Guidelines address specifically how the reference page is title and how articles are provided! Note: It is not called Bibliography.4. Graphs or visual representations are not needed for this assignment.5. A title page is required in APA style. If you have a title page, your submission is 4 pages. If you do not have a title page, your submission is 3 pages. 

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