EC0 4223 Rasmussen College Demand and Supply Research Paper

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Write an essay examining how the aggregate demand and supply curve
works. Expand on these concepts by exploring long and short run
aggregate supply curves. Explain what shifts in these curves means and
what equilibrium is and how it is achieved. Illustrate how all of this
feeds into the IS/MP model (Investment–Savings / Monetary–Policy) in
order to forecast the economy or “read the tea leaves.”

This essay should be formatted in APA. The essay content should be
2-4 pages long, and include an additional page with at least two
references from distinct sources. You can use your book as one reference
and any search engine or library resources (see the Resources tab
above) for additional references. Wikipedia is not a credible website
and may not be used. You may also import pictures, but it is not

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