Easy Car Corp Is A Grocery Store Located In The Southwest It Paid An Annual Divi

Easy Car Corp. is a grocery store located in the Southwest. It paid an annual dividend of ​$3.00 last year to

its shareholders and plans to increase the dividend annually at the rate of 3.0​%. It currently has 1,000,000 common shares outstanding. The shares currently sell for ​$14 each. Easy Car Corp. also has 30,000 semiannual bonds outstanding with a coupon rate of 7​%, a maturity of 26 ​years, and a par value of ​$1,000. The bonds currently have a yield to maturity​ (YTM) of 6%. What is the weighted average cost of capital (WACC) for Easy Car Corp. if the corporate tax rate is 40%? When answering this problem enter your answer using percentage notation but do not use the % symbol and use two decimals (rounding). For example, if your answer is 0.10469 then enter 10.47; if your answer is 10% then enter 10.00

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