Each Tuesday The New Residents Al An Inpatient Rehabilitation Clinic Must Visit The 1955828

Each Tuesday, the new residents al an inpatient rehabilitation clinic must visit the medication lab and have all of their existing medications inventoried when they arrive. The tunes of patients to the medication lab follow a uniform distribution with an upper bound of 45 minutes and a lower bound of 30 minutes The service tunes to have their medication logged follow a normal distribution with a mean of 20 minutes and a standard deviation of 5 seconds Using Excel determine queuing and service statistics for the 40 patients who visit the medication lab over a one-day period The column* of data you will need to generate include patient ID. Interval tune arrival tone, service start time, wait tune, service tune, service completion tune, tune in system. and server idle tune Calculate the following summary statistics for question 9: Number of patients who wan Probability of wailing Average wait time Maximum wail lime Percentage of time server u busy Number wailing > 1 minute Probability of waiting > 1 minute Average number of patients in line

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